Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Calvin Coolidge Administration Research Paper

The Calvin Coolidge Administration - Research Paper Example As the report discussesin 1912, people elected him to the Massachusetts State Senate. From 1916-1918 he served as the lieutenant governor before moving to the executive's chair. Coolidge as governor supported the pay increment for public workers and reduced working hours for women and children. He also limited outdoor advertising. In the 1920 presidential nominations, he was voted in as Warren Harding’s running mate. As a vice president, he kept a low profile but dedicated a lot of time towards public speaking. In august 2nd 1983, President Harding died because of a heart attack. Coolidge was administered the oath of office by his father, as his father was a justice of peace. He then became the 30th president of the US.From this research it is clear that  Coolidge was one of the U.S presidents who put the interest of their country at heart. He was not willing to let the state get involved in any international relationships that did not address its interests. This was congrue nt with his pledge of ensuring that his country would not be in a position entangled with any other state. It was with this respect that he was reluctant for his country to join the League of Nations.  Coolidge did not agree with the notion that legislation may uplift all problems. He saw it as a pernicious doctrine. As governor and eventually being a president, Coolidge favored no legislative agenda in the broad sense because he generally did not believe in any legislation.

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