Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Seeds of Freedom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Seeds of Freedom - Essay Example The improvement of technology has led to a change in farming techniques. Human labour has been replaced with the use of machines and the use of organic fertilizer is also alternated with chemically induced inorganic fertilizers. The use of chemicals in farming has led to the introduction of chemical hybrid seeds which has made the seed to lose its vitality. In traditional farming, sowing of seeds depended on their adaptive environment. The modern farming technologies have led to the introduction of seeds which are compatible and highly adaptive to climate change (Nelson 16). Scientists attribute this changes to climate alterations, biodiversity and nutrition change. Their basic argument is that there is need for various places around the world to grow different forms of crops regardless of their climatic differences. Private organizations have privatized the world food system by controlling the seed hybrid. Mono-crops such as tea and coffee have replaced the traditional indigenous crops. Genetically modified crops have replaced the natural crops in the world market since most farmers have adapted to the new farming system because the GM crops have higher yields compared to the natural crops and are also resistant to drought (Nelson 23). Since the introduction of genetic engineered crops in 1954, the world has experience loss of biodiversity as farmers are currently forced to use super pesticides and super weed control chemicals as weeds and pests have also formed adaptive features thus the need of to use stronger control mechanisms. In this case, the seed has become more dangerous rather than useful. India and Mexico have recently reported cases of food poisoning which were affiliated to genetically modified crops. it is important to consider human life before focusing towards making

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