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Homeland Security - 2028 Words

Running Head: Homeland Security Are we safer since the creation of this department? Michele Pulley April 26, 2010 Professor George Strayer University Spring Semester Outline I. Topic: The United States Homeland Security and The War on Terrorism II. Thesis Statement: Homeland Security plays a major role in the war on terror. Topic Sentences 1. The Homeland Security Act of 2002 reduces the vulnerability of the United States to terrorism. 2. The Department of Homeland Security was created for the war on terror. 3. The role of the Homeland Security Committee. 4. The history of the United States on foreign policy. 5. How terrorists communicate what they want to accomplish. 6. The study of Foreign Intelligence.†¦show more content†¦It made it equally as important as anything else did on the agenda. Also the United States was now a state of mobilization. The armed forces would now and always be at a striking force. All of the changes were something new to the people of America but it was an idea that was not only accepted it was expected. The same rings true with 9/11 in relation to the role of America. Our sole focus is national security and t o put our military at a point of being called upon any second. The United States has embraced the idea that things have changed and are willing to do whatever possible to prevent future events of this magnitude. Another characteristic that the Cold War Period and 9/11 hold in common is that both were a pervasive political and military competition that dominated international politics. On September 11, 2001 terrorism became a reality! There is no way for the United States to prevent future attacks on Americans without working as a coalition force with the other nations to identify, track, and eliminate terrorist networks around the world. One of the main problems with fighting a war on terrorism is that the nations of the world have become accustomed to working alone as individuals vice working together. The United States will need to change its approach in order to conquer the worldwide threat of terrorism. The way to defeat terrorism at home and around the world is to form an inter national counter-terrorist task force. In order to preventShow MoreRelatedHomeland Security And The Security1435 Words   |  6 Pagesdefined to the point it is today. The Homeland Security Department is a fairly new program which is constantly improving and adjusting in accordance to the threats that may arise. In the attempt to secure the United States, homeland security has become paramount and a lot of emphasis is being provided so as to ensure the safety of the borders and the citizens of the United States. So one must ponder what the difference between homeland security and homeland defense are since they both tend to meanRead MoreThe Department Of Homeland Security991 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Considering the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)has only initiated actions in 2003, it has performed necessary security procedures and accomplished significant purposes and breakthroughs. As DHS progresses to grow, more activity predominates for them to address weaknesses in its current operational strategy. Implementation efforts are in place to strengthen the efficiency and to integrate its management areas (acquisitions, financial management, human capital, and information technology)Read MoreHomeland Security1093 Words   |  5 PagesCity. The United States of America has not worried much about self-defense or in this case homeland security. Due to the actions on September 11th homeland security has been the main goal of many politicians and voters. Homeland security builds coalitions and partnerships, protects civil rights and civil liberties, and develops human capital. History The foundations and principles of homeland security are rooted deeply in American history. The preamble of the Constitution, as written by GovernorRead MoreHomeland Security And Homeland Defense1068 Words   |  5 PagesHomeland security/Homeland Defense is something that we as Americans needed to have established to keep us safe from enemies foreign and domestic. The homeland security came into the light after the horrible attacks that happened here in the United states on September 11th 2001, when the world trade centers were viciously attacked by terrorist that hijacked planes. These attacks not only made the US government establish a type of security that we needed, it made it establish a type of program thatRead MoreHomeland Security And Homeland Defense1017 Words   |  5 PagesWithin the areas of Homeland Security and Homeland Defense lie specific primary missions, tasks, duties, and responsibilities of each. The primary missions, tasks, duties, and responsibilities of Home land Security and Defense include preventing terrorism and enhancing security, securing and managing our borders, and enforcing immigration laws. In addition to those missions, a new and evolving mission is that of cybersecurity. In the future, is the department ready to tackle these tasks? The departmentRead MoreThe Security Of The Homeland Security Enterprise Essay916 Words   |  4 PagesThe homeland security enterprise has progressed much in the past few decades, especially after the attack on September 11th. It has been necessary for the DHS to grow and adapt as new and more dangerous threats became known. However, as more threats are prevented successfully, newer and sometimes tougher challenges for the DHS arise. In an effort to pinpoint the most important things affecting the nation, strategic plans are used, sometimes in the form of multi-missions plans, in order to separateRead MoreIntroduction Of Homeland Security ( Dhs )1101 Words   |  5 PagesSam Freeman Jr Introduction to Homeland Security (CJUS254-1504A-02) Professor Stephen Smith Unit 5 – Individual Project November 9, 2015 Director Sean Connery, I wanted to give you a quick briefing of the involvement in which the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has with private enterprises and their involvement in prevention, response, and recovery. The Private Sector Office (PSO) is the primary advisor to the Secretary on the impact of the Department’s policies, regulationsRead MoreHomeland Security And Homeland Defense1390 Words   |  6 Pages Many people think homeland security and homeland defense are the same thing, but that is incorrect. Both have played a role in keeping America safe, but after 9/11 that role expanded greatly. The U.S. was determined to prevent another catastrophic attack from unfolding while searching the globe for those responsible. In a world constantly evolving, our enemies and their tactics evolve with it. To effectively combat the incredible amount of threats America faces, many federal entities and missionRead MoreHomeland Security1085 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ AMERICAN MILITARY UNIVERSITY HOMELAND SECUIRTY Brittany Staley HLSS302: Paper #2 May 11, 2014 In the years since 9/11, homeland security has turn out to be frequently and generally identified as both a word and as a Federal department. However, a large amount has been learned since 9/11 concerning the array of further challenges we face. Hurricane Katrina strongly illustrates the general impact of weak preparedness andRead MoreThe Defense Of Homeland Security1126 Words   |  5 PagesAn incredibly long 13 years has passes since the Department of Homeland Security has stood up and began the ultra important job of protecting the United States from both state and non-state sponsored threats. There have also been great strides made to protect the U.S. from insider threats as well. The monumental effort it took to synergize all 22 agencies with inherently different jobs into one living breathing unit took significant patience and forethought. There has been and will continue to be

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