Friday, October 18, 2019

Ethical dilemmas facing multinational corporations in their marketing Essay

Ethical dilemmas facing multinational corporations in their marketing of goods and services abroad - Essay Example The best thing is that the benefits and disadvantages are determined even before the organization goes the global way and thus it saves itself from embarrassment which it might face without having proper knowledge and adequate research within it. The significant thing here is to get prepared and be ready for what is to come in the future as concerns to the organization that we are talking about here. (Beckman, 1967) The ethical concerns rose in the wake of marketing of goods and services abroad remains one of the most talked about concerns and this is highlighted within the length of this paper. The ways and means that are usually taken care of whilst managing the goods and services abroad are aplenty and it is only up to the top management within a company that the same can be handled in a several different methods. They are the ones to decide as to what is the real manner in which the firm’s goods and services would be handled as well as who will head the respective departments, lead the business strategic units and act as legal and media representatives of the said business. The business, as marketers say, exists to satisfy its target audience through fulfilling a need courtesy its products and/or services or a combination of the both, the same being true in case of a retail outlet which sells gasoline to local consumers, thus giving in petrol plus extra services in the form of window cleaning, fuel gauge checks and so on and so forth. (Kelley, 1973) A company or an organization needs sound management framework at its top so that the staff and the employees workin g at different levels feel at ease with the job as well as the working environment. This indeed is very important as it builds long-term credibility of the organization that it cares about its employees and not just the customers and in cases profits and revenues only. (Korzeniowski, 2001) International businesses with regards to

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